Canyon Lake, Arizona
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Canyon Lake,  Arizona Fishing Report

The Big Flush begins for Apache, Canyon, and Saguaro Lakes
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Fishing is tough, However we should  have a top water bite during the Dawn, and Dusk.
A recent tournament produced an average fish weight of 0.72 lb.

Bill Warman ..Bill Warman

Kick'n Bass Garlic scent.

No-Tie Lure.

Good Luck and Be Safe.
  Bill Warman

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Arizona State Record Holder 2004

This lake is a pump back lake. That means the water level could rise or fall rapidly. Conditions on this lake could very on an hourly basis. You must be able to read the current conditions of this lake at all times.

 Example if the pump back system is on and there is a lot of current then your conditions will change. Usually the down hill side of the flats will produce. Down hill = side nearest the dam.
Current conditions documented by
Bill Warman
The Land of the Giants Canyon Lake

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