Arizona State Record Bass
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Big Bass Fisherman
1992 World Championships
Bill Warman
Big Bass Hall of Fame
2 Time Arizona State Champion
5 Time Arizona State Big Bass of the year Champion
Bill is a life member of B.A.S.S. ,
Bill owns two Arizona State Record line class records,
Bill is a Member of B.A.S.S. , Lunker Club, 
Bill owns two Arizona State Record Inland water record 2003
A member of I.G.F.A. 
At the 1992 Big Bass World Championships, he finished in 8th Place. 
 At the 1995 Big Bass World Championships, he finished in 13th Place. 
  Bill Warman has 18 Bass registered under World Record Regulations SEE Records
in the World Record Book.

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Fishing & Experience


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  • Saguaro Lake, AZ                             1st Place                          03/28/90 
  • Canyon Lake, AZ                             5th Place                          04/11/90 
  • Saguaro Lake, AZ                            4th Place                          04/25/90 
  • Canyon Lake, AZ                             1st Place                          05/09/90 
  • Canyon Lake, AZ                             2nd Place                         06/23/90 
  • Canyon Lake, AZ                             1st Place                          07/07/90 
  • Canyon Lake, AZ                             2nd Place                         07/21/90 
  • Canyon Lake, AZ                             5th Place                          08/08/90 
  • Canyon Lake, AZ                             3rd Place                          08/11/90 
  • Canyon Lake, AZ                             2nd Place                         08/25/90 
  • Canyon Lake, AZ                             1st Place                          10/06/90 
  • Canyon Lake, AZ                             2nd Place                         10/06/90 

      2nd Place Arizona State Championships

  • Large Mouth Bass                       14 Lb.                                   March 25, 1992** 
  • Large Mouth Bass                       12 Lb.  2 Oz.                         July 13, 1992** 
  • Large Mouth Bass                       11 Lb.  14 Oz.                       July 17, 1992** 
  • Bassin MagAZine Competition Update                                        October  1995 
  • The Beacon Journal Plain Folks live Dreams                                   September 25, 1992 
  • The Phoenix GAZette  Mesa Angler Joins Big bass championship         July 27, 1995 
  • Arizona State Champion BBWC 
  • At the 1992 Big Bass World Championships, 
  • 1992
                    World Championships
  • Opryland Hotel 1992 World Championship, J. Percy Priest Reservoir, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Finished in 8th Place 
  • As seen on TNN 
      .Large Mouth Bass                      10 Lb.  4 Oz.                           July 4, 1993**
2nd Place Arizona State Championships
       Chevy Truck           World Cup Fishing                                     June 22, 1994
      .Large Mouth Bass                      10 Lb.  6 Oz.                        March 10, 1994**
      .Large MMouth Bass                      11 Lb.  9 Oz.                           August 20, 1994**
    ..Mastercrafters Corp.     Congratulations Letter                       September 20, 1994
      IGFA   Annual Fishing Contest   Third Place         11 lb.  9 oz.  Bass Large mouth**
     The Arizona Fishing News     Nocturnal Hawg Hunting               June 1994
     2nd Place Arizona State Championships
  • BASS Times Big-Bass Fan                                                 January 1995 
  • East Mesa Independent  Local fisherman Competes in World Championship   Dec. 6-12. 1995 
  • Large mouth Bass                     14 Lb.  6 Oz.                         March 16, 1995** 
  • Arizona Fishing News 14.35 lb. Bass                                          April 1995 
  • Mesa independent One that didn't get away                                   May 9,  1995 
  • Western Outdoor News  IGFA 10-pound Bass Club grows              May 26, 1995 
  • Large mouth Bass                     11 Lb.  3 Oz.                         June 8, 1995** 
  • The Phoenix GAZette Big Bass Bagger                                        July 27, 1995 
  • 1995 BBWC State Champion for Arizona                             August 24, 1995 
  • The Arizona Republic  This fish story is really true                        September 23, 1995 
  • Popular Outdoor Outfitters Bill's Big Bass                                September  1995 
  • Large Mouth Bass              11 Lb.  11 Oz.                              October 17, 1995** 
  • Bassin MagAZine Competition Update                                       December  1995 
  • Arizona State Champion BBWC
  • 1st Place Arizona State Championships
  • At the 1995 Big Bass World Championships, 
  •  World Championships
  • Bill Warman on Stage at the 1995 World Championships at GreenLefe Resort Florida
  • Finished in 13th Place 
  • As seen on TNN 
     . Large mouth Bass                            11 Lb.  15 Oz.                   June 23, 1996**
2nd Place Arizona State Championships
      2nd Place Arizona State Championships  Large mouth Bass                           11 Lb.  14 Oz.                  April 16, 1997**
    .s IGFA   Hall of Fame Gift      Pflueger Reel                                    May 27, 1997
     . IGFA   Hall of Fame Gift J.C. Higgins Reel                                   May 27, 1997
     . Large mouth Bass                           13 Lb. 15 Oz.                     October 30, 1997**
     . Bass Master Magazine      Lunker Club                                      October 30, 1997
     .  B.A.S.S. Master Lunker Club                                                        April 13, 1998
     .Bass Master Lunker Club                   11.61 Lb.                        July 13, 1998**


    Large Mouth Bass                       9 Lb.  10 Oz.                        February 20, 2000


   Large Mouth Bass                        9.33 lbs.                                February 11, 2001
    Large Mouth Bass                         10.01 lbs.                                March     14, 2001
    Large Mouth Bass                       8.89 lbs                                 September   2001 

    Large Mouth Bass                       10 lb. 4.16 oz.                         August 15, 2002
    Large Mouth Bass                       14.11                                       August 22, 2002
    Large Mouth Bass                       17.13 lbs.                                January 26, 2002

Big Bass Hall of Fame

  • Big Bass of the Year Winner

AZ  2002 Big Fish-of-the-Year             Contest Winner


   First Big Bass of 2003         
A few nice bass caught in 2003  .

   Arizona State Champion 2003            Big Bass-of-the-Year Contest Winners:

   Large Mouth Bass Category

  • Big Bass of the Year Winner

2003 Catch and Release**

Large Mouth Bass      27 in., Canyon Lake
                                    Bill Warman, 05/27/03  - 2003
                  Winning Bass

   BassMaster Lunker Club                   10.20 Lb.                        December 1,  2003




Bill Luke Big Bass Days


Look closely at the leader board. In red on the top left corner in 1st place you will see Bill Warman name.
Bill Warman Won the 9:00 AM weigh-in on Sunday morning with a Large Mouth bass that weighed 7.52LBS.

03-30-08 Bill Luke Big Bass Days

2008- MBC Super Team Results

2009-MBC Super Team Results

2010 Mel Denning Classic, 25th Anniversary 1st Place

I.G.F.A.    Certificates
The International Game and Fish Association
Issued To Bill Warman

Miscellaneous Certificates

 .  .

State of Arizona Certificates

  .   , .

  . . .  Arizona State Record 2003 Caught on Kick'n Bass Garlic    .

Master Angler Award

Bill Warman Master Angler Certificate

I.G.F.A. Certificates

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       .        .

       .        .       .

       .        .

       .        .

Miscellaneous Certificates

.  .


       .        .

.  Bill Warman

Cabela's Waleye World Championship 2010
  Cabala's Walleye World Championship 2010
talking about liquid cocaine for Walleye (KNB)

2008 MBC Super Team Results

A Mesan & Three Fishermen

Bill Warman

I am truly grateful for the many accomplishments of my fishing life. I owe my basic knowledge of fishing to my grandfather, my Uncle Fritz, and Chief Smokin' Joe an Indian guide from Toronto, Canada.

I received my first fishing pole at Christmas at grandpa’s house when I was four years old. I was very excited about my new gift. When I was young I would go to church with my grandparents. After church, I would go to my grandma’s home and she would give us chores to do. I would help Grandpa cut the grass and load the car with fishing gear. In the meantime, grandma would make us sandwiches for our lunch. Every Sunday grandpa and I would go fishing. I remember many times being on our favorite lake which was WingFoot. The one story that stands out was Grandpa and I went into the boathouse. We were catching fish on every cast that day. A local newspaper man was interviewing fisherman for The Akron Beacon Journal. He asked me how many fish did we catch? I said too many to count. As the interview finished my grandpa told me you are going to be in the paper. The following weeks fishing report had our story in it.

Every year, my Grandpa would take me fishing at Rice Lake in Canada. We fished for bass, walleye, muskies, and northern s. Every time we would arrive at our cabin in Canada, a fishing guide by the name of Chief Smokin' Joe would meet us. The next morning we would all go fishing. Grandpa, Chief Smokin', and Uncle Fritz. These three fisherman would teach me about fishing.

1. Uncle Fritz would teach me about making lures, the lure movements, and the colors the fish see the easiest.

2. Chief Smokin' Joe taught me how to read the weather and water conditions on a regular basis. He would point out things like the wave movement, the wind direction etc.

3. Grandpa taught me to be persistent and have patience on the water.

I would not have learned what I know without these three fisherman. These were the building blocks I received when I was young which allowed me to catch these trophy bass. As life progressed, I built on these blocks. Fishing today at the age of 46 has become easy. It is a natural thing, a root of my up bringing. I understand the fishing industry, methods, politics, and life stories. I am truly grateful to these great fisherman. They took the time to teach me about an exciting sport.

To catch a Trophy bass you must have sound basic principals of fishing. You must also study the movement and patterns of these bass. The knowledge of these patterns can be found within this Hall Of Fame with the greatest big bass anglers of all, and the rising stars of tomorrow. You will get information from "Fish Chris" Wolfgram, Bob Crupi, Cody Pierce(an amAZing rising star!), Doug Hannon "The Bass Professor," Bobbie & Butch Gayle, Javad "J.T." Trew, John Deckard, Paul Duclos and Mike Long.

This is a trophy hunters paradise for information. I am grateful to my peers for this induction into the Hall Of Fame. I am looking forward to teaching you and your children how to catch these trophy bass on a regular basis.


Bill Warman

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